People come to Beach Bum Tanning for many reasons: to look and feel good about themselves, for the pre-tan before the vacation or to relax in the comfort of our luxurious salons. The tanning bed is a great way to get the tan you want and need all year round.

Beach Bum Tanning features the latest technology for indoor tanning salons, on the market today. Tanning beds and stand-up equipment include amenities ranging from high-pressure adjustable facial tanners and shoulder tanners to spa features with a cool misty breeze, cooling fans and even aromatherapy.

Beach Bum offers custom-tailored tanning memberships, packages, and beach pass programs which are designed for your specific tanning needs. No two skin types are the same, so there are different levels of tanning along with flexible payment options for everyone.

Our Tanning Consultants and Airbrush Artists are both Smart Tan and Norvell Certified, possessing a thorough knowledge of indoor tanning products and trends. This is why we are the leader in Tanning!
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At Beach Bum, we offer a variety of pricing options to best suit your needs.


Beach Bum has over 50 locations to serve you within the New York, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia and Westchester areas.