Our Brands

Beach Bum Tanning

In 1986, the first Beach Bum Tanning was opened in Manhattan, NYC. Since then, we have grown to over 50 Salons in 5 States. We have made it our goal to provide excellent service, convenient locations and hours, and the best and most up to date equipment in the industry.

Beach Bum Sunless Tanning

Airbrush and Sunless tanning has become increasingly popular over the years. We have dedicated countless hours to perfecting the craft. We provide many services within this brand: Airbrush Tanning, Sunless Booth Tanning, and Competition Color Tanning.

SWEAT by Beach Bum

The health benefits of sweat are just starting to be re-discovered. We, as a society over many generations, have tried to eliminate or cover up our body’s natural sweat process. We are now starting to fully understand all the health benefits associated with SWEAT. At SWEAT by Beach Bum, we offer Infrared Fit Slimming Wraps and Full Spectrum Smart Saunas to help your body sweat, release toxins and capitalize on all the health benefits of Infrared light and sweating.

Massage Renu

Many believe that there is nothing better than a great massage. At Massage Renu, we provide you with well trained Massage Therapists in a beautiful, tranquil setting. We offer traditional massages, Swedish Massages, Reflexology, Pre-(and post)Natal Massages, and much more. We also over convenient billing options introduced at $39 for the first month.

Beach Bum Beauty

Our Beach Bum Beauty Brand further expands on additional Beauty products and services we offer at our salons and on-line. Our Beauty brand offers Eyelash Extensions, Teeth Whitening Product, LED Infrared Light Therapy, Beauty Masks, and additional beauty related services and products.