Mystic Tan | The Ultimate Guide by Beach Bum Tanning

Mystic Tan HD is a sunless UV free tanning experience where you can get quick results. Clients can get the desired, even, full-body tan in 3 minutes. The mystic HD has heat drying systems and a preheat cycle for a very comfortable experience. The system uses the warmed automatic tanning system. No drying necessary. Beach Bum clients are loving the Mystic tanning booth. You can Check out the Mystic Tan product line here.

Our Mystic tanning cartridges are what we use to give you the tan color you want depending on the kind of skin you have. Based on the on the type of tan you are looking for, desired results, and skin type, we can customize your tan. Aroma, enhancer boosts, and bronzers for immediate results are extra options.

We have after tan products made to hydrate your skin and prolong the life of your tan. When you pay to look the way you want, it’s good to keep the look lasting if possible. Some of the products we have at Beach Bum exist for that purpose. Keeping the skin moist will keep the tan alive longer.

What is the Difference Between Mystic Tan and Airbrush Tan?

Airbrush Tan and mystic tan are similar and different in many ways. The result you will see from mystic tanning vs a custom airbrush tan is similar. Both will give you the look you are looking for, and both include spray tanning solution. The difference is in the application method. When you are getting an airbrush tan, you have your own airbrush artist assigned to you. With the booth, you don’t have a person there. The Sunless Tanning Booth we use for Mystic Tan is just that, a booth. You don’t have a person airbrushing you, it is all done in the privacy of the sunless booth.

Advantages of the Mystic Tanning Booth


When choosing a tanning method, there are a bunch of different options depending on what you want. Clients choose the Mystic Tan because it’s private and fast. You don’t have to wait for a stylist to be ready. The TLC that you receive with your own airbrush takes a bit more time. With Mystic Tanning, you can be alone in the booth without anyone around. For some clients, this is relaxing.
It can be hard today with all our smart devices and accessibility to find a little bit of time to be alone with our thoughts, why not in the sunless booth?!

Disadvantages of the Mystic Tanning Booth

Though the Mystic Tanning Booth may be more private, which some people prefer, there are disadvantages to having your tan applied this way. When tanning in a booth, the areas that hit by the tanning solution are all hit evenly, aside from parts that are being blocked. This means that to get into the curves of your body, under your boobs, and butt, you will need to move around. When you have a Beach Bum Airbrush Artist assigned, the artist will see and get to those areas. Airbrush tanning solution will hit in the desired areas that need extra attention. The tanning booth doesn’t have the human factor.

Beach Bum Summary

We hope you enjoyed reading this little article. Subtle differences are not always understood with these application methods. If you still need some help clarifying, please get in touch. We are always happy to talk! 

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