Good Massage – The Science Behind Massage Therapy

Good Massage

Good Massage

To us at Beach Bum, a massage is one of the greatest human pleasures one can experience in life, is it not? There is nothing quite like it. But not only is a deep tissue massage relaxing, it has been proven that regular massage therapy increases the quality of life and health by modern medical science.

One Hour massage sessions can chemically reduce stress by lowering heart rate and reducing the levels of insulin and cortisol in the body. Massage also enhances the circulation of the blood and has been linked to lower blood pressure and higher quality muscular function.

For all of our Beach Bum body builders out there getting ready for competition, massage can also help bring more oxygen and nutrients into the muscle, reducing soreness.

Our massage therapists are licensed and specialize in types of massage such as prenatal massage and sports massage as well as the usual deep tissue. Next time you are thinking about getting a good massage in New York City, you really should consider getting in touch with Beach Bum Tanning.

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