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beach bum body wrap

beach bum body wrap

The Beach Bum Body Wrap will have you Trimming Waistline and Toxins Quickly

There are no shortcuts when it comes to weight loss regardless of the reason you need to lose the weight. Whether it be wedding season or beach season, sweating it out is the best bet.

Thermogenic workouts and treatments are designed to help you train better, harder, and more effectively. They will help you shed the pounds you want and keep your skin healthy in the process through the power of thermogenic heat.

Beach Bum’s infrared body wrap technology is one of a kind and will help you see the results you want to see faster than ever before.

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In this post, we will go over the benefits of sweating in the body. We will also talk about the power of the infrared technology we use and go over details of the body fit wrap process appointment process.

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The Fit Body Slimming Wrap by Beach Bum

The fit body swap is a dual action infrared heat wrap. It will help you to reduce fat, lose weight, and look your best.

It can also help you feel your best. Infrared light can help you with blood flow, blood pressure, relaxation, and much more. (More detail below)

The infrared heat we use in the heat wrap is often used to treat muscle spasms, joint stiffness, and sicknesses. There is a whole lot more to this treatment than just losing weight! 

The heat is much less intense than you might think. You won’t have any kind of heat shock from applying the wrap. Our infrared sauna is significantly lower temperature than the traditional steam-powered sauna you might find at your gym.

Sweating It All Out 

Sweating is a totally natural thing. You can keep your body in great shape by getting in a sweat each and every day. It can be therapeutic to body and mind.

Especially during the winter months, sweating helps the skin to stay active. Beach Bum offers Fit Saunas and Wraps to help you enjoy the benefits of sweating.

Even if you don’t get to the gym as much as you might like, a body wrap can help you get the daily sweat in, stress-free.

Benefits of Sweating

Purge Harmful Toxins from The Body

Sweating will help your body to naturally dump toxins. Research has shown that sweat can contain toxic metals like cadmium, aluminum, and manganese.

No wonder sweat has always been considered a “detoxifier.”….

There are between 2 and 5 million sweat glands in the human skin. Sweating can play a big role in removing a lot of that toxic junk from your body.

On the flip side, when you don’t sweat for days at a time, your body doesn’t have that way of purging. Toxins can end up remaining and causing damage over time.

Sweating Keeps the Body Cool

Sweating is how the body maintains its desired temperature. When you get too hot, the body sweats to cool itself down.

Pretty cool, right?

When you exercise, you tend to sweat more because the movement heats you up.

Keeping Skin Smooth and Clean

Regularly sweating can help to keep your skin clear. 

Sweating opens up the pores all over the body, especially in the face. This can help to reduce acne. 

In healthy skin, oils travel to the surface of the skin through the hair follicles. If dead skin cells and excess oil clog pores, the backup causes swelling. This swelling is what we know as acne and pimples.

The Power of Infrared Technology

Beach Bum body wraps use infrared technology to penetrate the skin. This can provide many different benefits to the human body.

Sweating and heat are beneficial to skin health. Weight loss is a very fortunate side-effect as well.

Infrared light penetrates human tissue and is able to produce a ton of anti-aging health benefits. You can achieve healthier living with the help of the “hottest” therapy on the market.

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Relieving Pain

Infrared heat is able to penetrate tissues, joints, and muscles. This technology is able to relieve aches and pains.

Pain management professionals often incorporate heat therapy. Even chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia are often treated with infrared therapy. 

Lower Blood Pressure

Can infrared really lower blood pressure?

Yes, it can!

Infrared saunas and body wrap induce a deep sweat. Deeply sweating like this can cause the heart to pump faster, which increases the flow of blood in the body, lowers pressure, and helps circulation. Faster blood flow like this creates beneficial heart stress.

What are the risks?

Moving back and forth from very hot to very cold (like shower or pool) can still cause unwanted blood pressure effects. Meaning if you have high blood pressure you should not shock your body with cold after being in the sauna.

Infrared saunas run at a significantly lower temperature than the traditional sauna, meaning this risk is less prevalent.

There is no heat shock from the infrared saunas or wraps. The heat is very gradual and easy for you to get used to. You won’t feel the need to shock your body with cold once you are finished.

Improve Circulation

Related to the blood pressure subject found above, infrared sauna and body wraps can also lead to better circulation in general. 

You may not have to ingest anything but light and heat to improve circulation. You can put that fish oil down!

Give the infrared sauna a try and see how quickly you can feel a difference in your body.

The Process – During Your Fit Wrap Session

During your Fit Wrap session, it’s important to follow a few simple steps to ensure that your visit is successful.

Getting into the fit body wrap blanket.

First, you lie down in the fit blanket and pull each section over your body. Turning you into basically a giant, super-fit burrito.

The arm wraps will make sure that your arms are included. If you have breast implants, this is when you would turn off the chest zone area of the blanket.

Since the individual heat zones are adjustable, you can customize your treatment the way you want. Choose whatever is most comfortable for you. 

Balance comfort, and effectiveness.

Setting up the heat settings

During your session, you can personally adjust the level of heat within 4 different zones. you can target specific areas of your body that you think require a little extra attention.

The different blanket zones are the:

  • arms
  • abdomen
  • upper legs
  • lower legs

We also offer facial masks to enhance the experience, but they are optional.

Drink water

You should make sure to drink 8-16 ounces of water during your session so that you stay hydrated.

Finishing up

The fit body wrap will shut itself off automatically, so you don’t have to worry about shutting it down.

When your session is complete, simply undo each section of the fit wrap, dispose of the body cover, rub in any of the excess “sweet sweat,” and towel off.

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We hope you enjoyed this deeper dive into the fit body wrap treatment that we offer at Beach Bum.

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