Airbrush Tanning Basics & Airbrush Tanning Gun Reviews | A Beginner’s Guide

beach bum airbrush

beach bum airbrush

At Beach Bum Tanning, we know a thing or two when it comes to the airbrush tan. We’ve tried many techniques and airbrush guns over the years, so we thought it’d be a great idea to share some of the insights we’ve learned along the way. Happy reading! 

We decided that it would be great to share with aspiring airbrush artists a list of the best airbrush tanning guns that we know, love, and use on a regular basis as professional’s airbrush artists.

By using these tools, and with the right amount of practice, you will be able to provide the client with a perfect natural glow each and every time.

Airbrush Tanning Beginners Guide.

The first thing that you should know about airbrush tanning, spray tanning, or sunless tanning, in general, is that each and every skin tone is going to require a slightly different method and mix to achieve the right result and color. This will come with time and you just need practice. Call some friends and promise a free tan and you’ll see how fast they come running! You won’t be a pro overnight but with some creative skill and determination, you will get there. Don’t give up!

Never be afraid to experiment. We have our staff here walking around sometimes all different whacky colors, but we make sure to keep our tried and true techniques and well-developed skills ready for when our clients arrive.

What’s in a Spray Tan?

The active ingredient in all spray tans is called DHA or Dihydroxyacetone. This ingredient interacts with your skin’s chemistry to give you that bronzing glow we all love.

There are a few different ways to apply a spray tan. You can get it straight from a bottle, you can head to a salon and have it applied in a booth or you can apply it with an airbrush gun. These guns are similar to paint guns used to paint a house but are generally smaller and lightweight.

Airbrush Tanning Gun Reviews.

spray tan gunFuji 4000 T-Pro Applicator – Click Here

It’s all metal body and polished chrome look gives this spray tan gun a beautifully sleek yet rugged design. The 3oz leak-proof gravity feed cup ( the cup is on top) comes with a screw-on lid and is coated in Teflon for a rust-free and stain-free finish.

The 4000 T-Pro is also equipped with a gasket comfort grip to ensure that your handle stays cool to the touch, even after long spray sessions. This becomes extremely useful, being that this applicator is intended to spray for hours without a hiccup.

This gun also comes with an exclusive side fan adjusting control, which lets you change the size of your spray pattern and is conveniently located directly at your fingertips. The air cap has been specifically designed for this applicator, which provides unmatchable atomization and minimal overspray.

Fuji, well known for their durable and high-performance products, has made this top of line gun a must have for anyone seeking a profession in the spray tanning field or just looking to become a DIYer.

With a price tag of around $300 this gun might seem a little expensive to some, but what you’re paying for is quality. If you want something you won’t have to replace in a year, the money is worth it.

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Allure Business Spray Tanning Kit – Check it Out

The Aura Allure Spray Tan Kit is an all in one kit for the beginner spray tan artist looking to get their feet wet and start spray tanning professionally.

This kit may not include the most beautiful spray gun on the list but what it lacks in beauty it makes up for in practicality and ease-of-use. This gun is reliable and has a long history in the business with success. It has been improved over the years and is a solid choice for any semi-pro airbrush artist.

Included in this kit is everything you will need to plug in and get right to work!

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K901 UltraMyst – Check it Out

This all alloy metal bodied spray tan applicator will make sure your skin is left with an amazingly even glow every time. With a choice of horizontal or vertical spraying, this gun gives you the versatility to apply your solution from any angle for maximum coverage and phenomenal accuracy. The 8oz cup is a great touch and holds enough solution for multiple spray sessions. $170 seems like a very reasonable price, especially being that the K901 UltraMyst has been described as the “Best spray gun in the industry” by The Tanning Store.

We hope you found this short review and guide useful. Please follow us on our blog page for more articles of this nature. We enjoy being able to share our passion for airbrush tanning with you!


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