What is Airbrush Tanning? – The Ultimate Guide to Airbrush Tanning by Beach Bum

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Airbrush Tanning by Beach Bum

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Questions and Answers.

Airbrush tanning can be a great way to get the tan or contour you want very quickly and perfectly. Airbrush artists at Beach Bum Tanning are thoroughly trained and vetted to ensure they are providing a top-notch service to our clients always. 

We’ve developed this guide to help answer some of the preliminary questions we’ve come across in regards to spray tanning. If you still dont see the question here that’s on your mind, you can always let us know! Please feel free to get in touch with a local Beach Bum and ask us anything that might be on your mind, but anyway, here is our beginners guide to spray tanning.

Is Air Brush Tanning Bad for the Skin

The air brush tan has mixed reviews depending on where you read. Air brush tanning solutions that are bad for the skin do exist and are out there, but at this point have been basically phased out of most techniques. There were all different kinds of things going into formulas originally before the natural ingredients were discovered as being just as effective.

The Beach Bum Spray Tanning Solution is actually good for your skin – believe it or not. We have developed a vegan tanning solution and use cocoa beans rather than walnuts so that there is less allergy concern. Nut allergies proved problematic with the traditional walnut-based solution.

Using our base Beach Bum airbrush solution, we can create over 150 different combinations to match your skin tone perfectly. Beach Bum Tanning solution supports the full range of skin tones that we see each day.

How Long Does a Spray Tan Last

When bundled with the pre and post-care regimen that we offer at Beach Bum, you will see your tan last between one and two weeks. It can take about 24-48 just for the solution to fully pigmentate and show true results.

Spray Tan Tips | What to Do Before Spray Tanning

When going for airbrush tanning, pre and post tanning care are going to help you maximize your results and the life span of your tan.

  1. Make Sure to Shower – We always recommend showering before you get to Beach Bum for the best results. Try to avoid moisturizing soap. The ingredients can clog your pores and leave uneven color patches.
  2. Nail Care – A clear coat of polish is necessary for the first appointment. Even though the formula is plant based, It is a form of dye. It’s important not to get your fingernails and toenails stained! 
  3. Skin Care – Exfoliation will remove the dead cells from your skin and help in the natural skin renewal process. We suggest using a product made for sunless tanning. We recommend Get Buffed by Pro Tan.
  4. Shave or Wax – Make sure to shave or wax the day before the spray tan appointment. Make sure not to allow for layers of wax to be left over, otherwise, the solution will be obstructed and won’t absorb as well.
  5. Cosmetics – Please avoid using makeup, cologne, perfume, lotions, or deodorant before your spray tanning session. These will block the formula from applying properly to the skin.