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Good Massage

Good Massage – The Science Behind Massage Therapy

To us at Beach Bum, a massage is one of the greatest human pleasures one can experience in life, is it not? There is nothing quite like it. But not only is a deep tissue massage relaxing, it has been proven that regular massage therapy increases the quality of life and health by modern medical […]

NYC Tanning

Female Contouring – A Beginners Guide to Seeing Flawless Results

Contouring the abs, contouring the face, the butt, the cleavage and just about everything else is a hot commodity in the beauty industry today. Sunless tanning is becoming a driving force in the entertainment industry and is appearing more and more in all forms of visual media, whether you realize it or not! For beginners, […]

Manhattan Tanning

The Secret of the Perfect Tan – 5 Tips to Getting Your Dream Tan

A brilliant – cocoa tan makes your skin look stunning, as well as helps you look slimmer. Also, lying in the sun raises your serotonin levels and makes you more joyful, so there’s nothing like having a ton of fun at the shoreline and getting a fill of that celebrated vitamin D.  These are some […]

What is Sunless Tanning?

You may have overheard people and ads talking about “sunless tanning” recently. If you are still in the dark about what exactly the term means, then let us enlighten you!  When we talk about sunless tanning, we are the Sunless Headquarters.  We offer several  Sunless Booth tanning options from our Mystic HD, our Versa Spa […]