Dear Beach Bum Family,

We wanted to check-in to let you know that we are thinking of you, and pray that you and your families are safe, happy and healthy. Between the Netflix binging and family togetherness, we now realize how good life was and how great it will be when this storm subsides.

The past couple of weeks have been like nobody in this country or world has ever seen.  Working out at the gym, having a cocktail at the neighborhood bar, meeting friends for dinner and yes, tanning, are true privileges we all took for granted. 

Like most businesses today, Beach Bum has been devastated by COVID-19.  To “do the right thing” for our beloved employees, our loyal customers and our community at large, we closed our doors on Tuesday, March 17th
We will remain closed until we have been cleared to reopen.  As we have previously stated, all beach pass guests will not be billed on April 1, 2020.  In addition, all packages and memberships will be frozen at this time.  Rest assured, you will not be forfeiting any time on your beach pass, package or membership!

Beach Bum has been serving you for over three decades.  We have dedicated our lives to making you feel good.  Each time you come in we help you achieve a bit of serenity in your otherwise crazy, hectic lives.  We can’t wait to reopen and help you begin your mental therapy!  We are closely following the government stimulus programs and will be ready to bring back our team as soon as possible and resume operations.

WE will remain strong.  YOU will remain strong. And together we will be back, better than ever, with a new outlook on life.  We will never again take for granted life’s simple pleasures.  More than ever we will cherish those we love and the things we do that make us happy.  We truly cannot wait to be back in your lives.

Please keep yourself and loved ones safe, happy and healthy!

With heavy, but HOPEFUL hearts,

Your Friends at Beach Bum