The Body Building Competitors, dedicate their life to looking their best for their competition. Strict diets and high stress are a great part of their lifestyle. We at Beach Bum Tanning realize that their tan is one of the most important factors that our Competitors are judged on so we chose Pro Tan Airbrush Solution.
Our Artists go through a full week of training on the art of Body Sculpting. This is an Airbrushing technique developed by our lead Artist, Dante Fitzpatrick. This personalized service accentuates definition throughout your body while highlighting cheekbones and bringing out muscle tone in your arms, chest and abdomen. Price may vary.


We recommend showering before your arrival for optimal results. Avoid using Dove or any “moisturizing” soap. The ingredients will clog your pores and leave uneven patches. Manicure and Pedicure: Due to the strength of the product, a clear coat on your fingernails and toenails prior to your first appointment is necessary.


A gentle exfoliating treatment that our Artist applies to your skin immediately before your airbrush to remove any dead skin cells, residual dirt, oil or sweat from your pores. This will leave your skin perfectly prepped for maximum color absorption. Our glycolic primer will tighten and firm your skin leaving your body with its newest and truest skin.


You cannot have any contact with water. If you want to work out, you cannot sweat profusely and must avoid cardio. The color will not take to your skin if you do any cardio. Avoid touching any area that is sprayed. Your feet may feel sticky but this is normal. Pro Tan can sometimes discolor some materials so do not use your best bedding or valuable clothing.

Cannot shower until right before your next appointment. Typically we recommend if the competition is on Saturday, come in Thursday night and shower Friday right before coming in with a quick cool water rinse. No soap or shampoo can be used! After showering, you can air dry or pat dry. After the last session, you cannot shower until the competition is over. You cannot use baby oil or PAM because this will make you sweat and may jeopardize your color.


Can I use deodorant or cologne after my spray tan?
We recommend that you do not use any cologne or deodorant after getting airbrushed with Pro Tan. This will jeopardize the quality of your color.

Can I work out?
Competitors may work out in between airbrushing sessions but only if sweating is as little as possible. Cardio is especially prohibited because you will sweat the color out of your pores

What if the competitor turns green?
It is possible that a competitor could turn green because of their PH balance and supplements that they are taking. If this occurs, shower before their next appointment on the following day and use Pro Tan’s Quick Bronze product to take away the green look and even out their tan. If the skin is still green after the pre judging, they should shower and get sprayed with one full coat again using the Quick Bronze before the show.